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Organized in January, 1954, Ellerbe Road Church has long served its surrounding community even as the area has changed from farming community to suburban neighborhood.  The mission of the church is to promote spiritual growth and provide Christian love within our community and to the wider world.  Though a small church, our ministry

is one of service to each other and our neighbors.



We welcome all who wish to follow in the footsteps of Christ.  


Our mission is to provide Christian love to all and to create disciples for Christ in our community and our world.  We provide Christian service to those in need, whether they be our church members or our community members.  We believe that our community is not simply the physical area around us but the entire world.  To that end, we seek to provide local ministries that impact the wider world.  We believe in doing small things done with great love. 


Ellerbe Road Church has a tradition of service that has touched thousands throughout the Shreveport area and the world.  

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